A very curious Baboon.

Baboon jumps in between trends, he feels them, chooses them, picks them up from the past when relevant and most of all he tends to anticipates them. Baboon doesn’t rest on what’s out there already, he goes beyond. You could see the double O of his name like two little curious eyes spying/observing the world to catch the essence, the forms, the colours, the soul of the best wall coverings for each space.

It's not just a Wall Covering.

Just like the artist color palette who keeps changing, we push the home boundaries, we create the nice view within the office, we revive and give personality to every corner of the house. If you think walls are just walls then you probably don’t know Baboon yet. 

Made in Italy with an international view.

Founder and Director of “Matteo Bianchi Studio”, Matteo is the inspiring force behind the brand. Always with a smile on his face, Matteo has an eye for quirky details and a passion for bold and balanced design solutions. His bubbly personality allowed him to collaborate with some of the most prestigious clients and unique product design companies in the world. Originally from Venice, Matteo trained at the University of the Chelsea College of Arts where he now also teaches. Matteo had a dream to become an interior designer 10 years ago: he is now living the dream and successfully leading a global design consultancy.

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