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About us

A very curious Baboon

Baboon is never satisfied with the already seen, but always goes further. A multi-sensory decorative approach that defines a new interpretation of space. One could look at its two letters O in the logo as two curious little eyes observing the world and filtering it by capturing its essence, shapes, color, soul, until arriving at the most unexpected and original habitat, the ideal decoration for any environment.


Baboon paints your space with current and sensitive issues, using refined irony. It speaks about topics of our time, promoting ethical values and rules. Our goal is to make you and your guests feel good, within the walls of your office, hotel, home. Wherever you are. Because well-being starts with us. But if our surroundings make us smile, it helps.

Imagine all you want: we'll take care of it.
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It's not just a wallpaper

Baboon solutions are designed to fit perfectly in a wide range of environments, from hotels and restaurants to stores and home walls. With Baboon, every space becomes an opportunity to communicate effectively and engage your audience. Or to engage yourself, because there is nothing better than experiencing an environment that reflects our personality.

Baboon is a brand of creative minds and skilled craftsmen.

Our manufacturing know-how allows for complete project management: from conception to fabrication to installation. The result is a 100% Italian design product. The combination of cutting-edge technologies, environmentally friendly methods and high-quality materials allows us to create wall coverings that satisfy every project.

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How we work

Experience has led us to develop and optimize advanced production techniques to provide fast and flawless service. Our production know-how enables complete project management from file to production. In addition, Baboon technicians always check your file before printing it and, with an additional service, edit it if necessary. With an on-demand service, products can be installed directly on-site by our dedicated staff.


Any customization is possible:

we can custom print, with graphics provided by you, upon request, in large quantities and offering quality service.

No matter if the realization is small or large, it will still be unique to Baboon.

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Are you ready to fall in love with your walls?