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Your wall, your CoverUp.

CoverUp is an innovative solution to cover walls and decorate settings.
It’s designed to be customisable and easily configurated. It comes in two versions: wall-mounted and self-standing. Its structure can be reused to promote sustainability. Even the fabric can be customised to obtain any effect.
coverup wall

COVERUP wall-mounted

Wall-mounted CoverUp covers any surface evenly. It includes customisable graphics and an aluminium profile, providing the space with a new look.
This eco-friendly solution is ideal for settings that need frequent changes of style and furniture. The minimum thickness of the aluminium profile makes it hardly visible.
coverup wall

COVERUP self-standing

If you add feet and a 40 cm profile to CoverUp, you’ll get a totem. This structure can be double-sided with graphics on both sides. It’s ideal for decorating shopping centres and shops or displaying advertisements and offers.

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Rivestimento per pareti in tessuto, personalizzabile e luminoso.

Baboon Light illuminates the atmosphere. Whether wall-mounted, self-standing, or suspended, its technology always enhances the place’s image. High-performance LEDs ensure reduced energy consumption. Baboon Light is easy to configure. Moreover, the fabric graphics give the setting with new looks.
It’s available in the one-sided or double-sided versions, depending on needs and applications.
coverup wall

BABOON LIGHT wall-mounted

Baboon light wall-mounted is fitted with LEDs that illuminate and emphasise the graphics, making it more attractive.
Moreover, it switches on and off automatically. It’s a versatile and creative solution that adapts to various fields and sectors, such as retail, hotels, bars, restaurants,
and cinemas. With bottom LEDs and With perimetral LEDs
coverup wall

BABOON LIGHT self-standing

Baboon light self-standing is a customisable and easy-toconfigure double-sided luminous totem with perimetral LEDs. The frame is available in two sizes: 96 mm and 140 mm. Ideal for retail settings, hotels, bars, restaurants, and cinemas.
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Baboon Light display’s technology can replace both fabrics acting on one side only, thanks to its glass fixing/support system. The customisable cover can be inserted from the back without moving the structure. This way, it’s easy to install and handle. It’s fitted with perimetral LEDs and can be double-sided and disassembled for transport purposes.

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Baboon Dynamic brings spaces and settings to life.

This is the Baboon Light version with programmable LEDs. Its technology turns a static image into a dynamic one, creating luminous animations that interact with the graphics printed on canvas.
The dynamic back-light increases the visual impact exponentially, thanks to unexpected light effects.
coverup wall

BABOON DYNAMIC wall-mounted

Baboon Dynamic is lined with LED plates. The LEDs make the graphics on fabrics dynamic by uploading the animation through a USB pen drive.
You can upload as many animations and printable graphics as you want.

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Baboon Silence is intended for big, noisy spaces like offices, bars, and restaurants.

Baboon Silence is intended for big, noisy spaces like offices, bars, and restaurants.
Its wall-mounted structure includes a highly absorbing polyester panel inside the aluminium profile. The customisable fabric used to cover Baboon Silence and
its technology minimise reverberation.
coverup wall

BABOON SILENCE wall-mounted

Baboon Silence optimises acoustics while decorating the setting. The sound passing through the loose-woven fabric is blocked by a highly absorbing polyester panel, reducing reverberation in indoor spaces like offices, bars, and restaurants.

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Baboon Fold is designed to create a private and cosy corner within a large setting.

Baboon Fold is a creative solution for decorating spaces, making them intimate.
Its aluminum structure and the possibility of customizing the graphics make it a very versatile product, suitable for any space.

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Are you ready to fall in love with your walls?